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Hayley's Angels' mission is to help both people and animals live compassionately and harmoniously together and with our world by adopting a cruelty-free lifestyle and by applying the "Hayley's Angels Methods". We teach to care for the mind, body and soul to achieve maximum health and happiness, and a dignified death for all living creatures. Our mission is accomplished when people and animals together help each other through the healing process by sharing unconditional love, support and compassion, and by applying the Hayley's Angels Methods.

We empower people and animals
to shine as Oneness and achieve Balance!
Be the best you can be, simply and naturally!

Our different events celebrate the good in the world with a goal to educate, inspire and empower to build a better world.

Our vision is a world where love and teamwork prevail: everyone is good at something and can contribute to society. By rediscovering our inner power and potential we build a stronger and healthier community, thriving on everyone's efforts and special gifts, promoting mutual support and teamwork between humans and animals!

We promote animal companionship in retirement homes as well as in other assisted living facilities to eliminate loneliness in both animal and people. We also help animal and human shelters to restore their guests’ physical and emotional health, and assist them in re-entering our world together, humans with animals, for mutual support and teamwork!

Our GRAND vision is to build a "Refuge for ALL" spirits lost. Animal and human guests living at the "Compassion Center" learn to heal as ONENESS by helping one another in natural, simple and sustainable living conditions promoting safety, peace, freedom to be, love and compassion to facilitate rehabilitation. This allows each being to thrive and to re-enter our world happier, more fulfilled, empowered and balanced.

Together we can build a better world of Caring for ALL!