We work with a caring family-owned crematorium located only 35 minutes away from Fernandina Beach, FL. Only a few urns are shown here, many more to choose from. All urns can be engraved. Call for more information.

Personalized Memorial Charm

Memorial Charm $45 Click for more pictures and details. Simple, Meaningful, Powerful! Your personalized memorial charm brings you love, connection, power and strength from your loved one, animal or human. Durable, waterproof and resistant to being dropped. Hand made with love by Dr. Joanne with picture. lock of hair/feather or cremains (ashes) from your loved one.

Private Cremation

Individual cremation with remains returned in a decorative paw print tin, along with a certificate of cremation in an Eco-friendly tote. Feline and exotics $145; Canine all sizes $185.

Metal urns $80-$165 depending on style and size. Call for more info

Copper Raku Paw Print

Blue Silver Paw Print

Pewter Golden Paw Print

Charcoal Paws on my heart

Black Silver Paw Top

Dark Copper Paw Print

Tracks to Heaven Urn

Cat silhouette urn

Wooden urns $50 to $145 depending on style and size. Call for more info

Wood Photo Urn

Tree of Life Wood Urn rectangular

Tree of Life Wood Urn waves

Wood Urn Paw Prints

Wood Hexagon Paw Print Urn

Other urns and memorials $100-$300 depending on style and size. Call for more info

Granite Garden Memorial.

Candle Personalized Paw Print Urn

Paw print Photo Rock urn

Marble Candle Urn