Remembering our friends who have passed...forever in our hearts!

Smile when you think of me, because I do when I think of you!

A heartfelt thank you

I am eternally grateful to you, your energy and your utmost gentle, kind spirit. Thank you for being there for me & Jessie, and for letting my emotions be all over the place. I am forever grateful to my Angels for sending me you, your beloved Hayley's precious love & energy, and your angelic presence, right at the perfect moment. Thank you again for blessing my life. "Jessie's day" was definitely precious, magical & divine.

Treva, Jessie's Mom

Dr. Joanne, you can't imagine how many times I have told friends, family, business associates about the wonderful and peaceful way you assisted my family in saying goodbye to our long time kitty/family pet Doja. The care you provided to her was the best and the way you dealt with our family was exceptional. Thank you for making the process a memorable one.

The Whitman family

Dear Dr. Joanne, thank you for coming to our home on Sunday to help Kida and our Family. You are an Angel on Earth. The way you eased in, talked to Kida and to us, helped Kida transition and comforted us all when we needed you the most. Thank you so much. Thank you also for your lovely card from you and Hayley, your beautiful inspiration. You are such a kind and special soul, and a skilled Veterinarian to whom we are eternally grateful. Thank you for all you have done for us and all you do for others.

Sincerely, Kida's Dad, Mom, Brother and Sissy, Tucson

We deeply appreciate the service you offer and your genuine compassion for both the pet and people. Calling Dr. Joanne was the hardest choice I've ever made but from the time she got to our home, you could just tell she does this because she loves animals. She looked at the blood lab reports just to offer a second opinion (peace of mind for me) and she was wonderfully kind and comforting to our Sasha, my sons, and me. It really breaks our hearts to lose Sasha but we're so glad we chose Joanne to come and help us through that transition.

The Campos family

Thank you so much for helping Sweet Boy pass painlessly. This was my second experience with you and your services - the first with a friend and her dog Cisco - and both times I have been so impressed with your compassion, your professionalism and your gentle energy that makes a difficult time so much less wrenching than it would otherwise be. I've shared my stories of your work with all my friends. I wish that any animal facing a painful end time would be so lucky as to have your helping hand to set her/him free, and that any pet companion would be so lucky as to have your understanding insights and support in the moment of saying goodbye.

Eric, Tucson

Dear Dr. Joanne, today it has been a week since we said goodbye to our Indie girl. We all miss her very much, and I still sometimes think I see or hear be expected after nearly 14 years together :) We just wanted to thank you so much for helping us with such a difficult time. Your presence, and the manner in which you conduct yourself, was so peaceful and was still such a hard last thing to do, but you made it a lot easier, and we thank you for that. You are the perfect person to be performing this job! Every last word, and touch, and thoughtful gesture you made during your time in our home brought us comfort even through our grief. Although I hope it is a long time before we need you again, when that time comes for one of our furry babies, it is you we will call. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

Love, The Michel Family, Amy, Sam, Xander, and Owen

Thank you so very much for helping us make the most of a very difficult time. Your compassion, gentleness and accommodating flexibility made saying goodbye to our best friend such a special moment. Although I hope that none of my friends will require your wonderful services soon, I have highly recommended you to all the animal lovers in my life. I can't thank you enough for giving me such a beautiful, meaningful and dignified farewell to my beloved Tucker. And I know that he would thank you, too.

Kindest Regards, Sara & Kevin

Dear Joanne, we remain deeply grateful to you for easing our beloved Casey's transition. Your kindness to her and to us was a great gift. Most of all, your faith in Casey's soul...the teaching that this is not an end but a transition...comforts us still. The next day, I experienced Casey's nearness...healthy, happy, free and still reaching for me. It was glorious. I am sure there are many people in our community who have benefited from Hayley's Angels. A few months ago, I met a man who told me the story of how you had helped his dog transition. Clearly, he was still very grateful to you for helping his dog, him and his wife at that time. Now, we, too, tell the story of how Hayley's Angels helped us. When I told our family and friends of Casey's transition, I mentioned that you had said she was probably holding on for us and so we let her go for her. Such is love. Bless you for making it possible for us to do that in the comfort of Casey's home, with gentleness and faith.

Jennifer Symons, Estella Tranbarger, Sophie, Brodie and Zoe Symons

Thank you very much for your help and great compassion and empathy you gave Monka and us. You have made a very wonderful difference in the transition of our beloved friend. Monka in Sanskrit means "Celestial gift" - that is what Monka has been to me and Secundino - and you have been a "gift" to us too. We are missing her very much and so does Lucille (her puppy) and CC la rue (our "ratchi"). The advice of letting them in and see Monka in her eternal state, I think made the transition become a positive experience for them as well, though I could sense their sadness. I felt peace and serenity surrounding Monka's passing, and for that I thank you, once again. You are a wonderful and caring doctor and professionally you are impeccable. I have mentioned you to some of my friends who are also animal lovers and have recommended your office and services. More power to you. Again, thank you very much.

Lindsley and Secundino Chinea

Thank you so much for helping us say goodbye to Wally.He was a wonderful dog and we miss him so much. Wally was always anxious going to the vet and we did not want him stressed at the end of his life, so we chose your service. What a wonderful person you are, you came quickly and a long distance, to alleviate his pain and showed such compassion for him, my husband and I. Thank you again, you are an Angel.

Marlene & John Mattarazzo, Saddlebrooke

We wanted to thank you so much for helping our dearly loved little Baxter pass on to a better place. You are so kind to offer this service. We really appreciated your caring and patience giving us plenty of time to say goodbye. After experiencing many times the dreaded trip to the office and return home without our furry loved ones, it is so comforting to be able to have this done in our own home. It really helped ease the pain.

Sincerely, Baxter's Mom & Dad, Green Valley

Thank you for your heartfelt card, filled with such love, coming just when we needed it. We are missing Molly beyond belief but we remain ever grateful to you for helping her transition to her next world in such a peaceful and loving way. We are remembering how beautiful you were with Toby, Molly's sister, and how you were so attentive to her feelings and needs throughout everything. Your presence was almost like a miracle as you so lovingly and compassionately guided us through this painful journey with our beloved Molly. Seeing her make such a comfortable transition really eased our hearts, as she was fully embraced in a web of arms and paws, in the bed she has slept in for the past 16 years. Now she is at peace and maybe running through the woods with Hayley. You somehow manage to turn what feels like the saddest moment on Earth into a sacred moment and in doing so, transform the energy into something both beautiful and almost holy. We are all so grateful that you are here to help us find the way

Thanks from all of us, Aviva, Patty & Toby

Although I miss Gus so very much, I know he is running with Gods Angels in the sky without pain. We thank you Joanne (Dr. Lefebvre) for being the person you are and thank God you are who you are - An Angel in Disguise! Thanks,

Gus Mom, Vail

Ken and I would like to thank you for your love and support yesterday. You made a very difficult decision much more manageable. You are a gift to the planet and animals. Saw Max 3 times last night in my dreams, greeted and petted him. I believe all is well. Again thank you! Love & Light,

Kenneth & Kimberly Murphy, Green Valley

Thank you for the card and your kind words. It was such a relief for me that Greyson could stay at home for his final time. However brief, for the grace and beauty you brought to both our lives, I will always remember you fondly. Thanks again,

Ron, Greyson's dad, Tucson

My family would like to say a heartfelt thank you to you and the service you provide. You gave us so much what we wanted, and needed for our sweet Bell. I felt as though you and I connected and will always be grateful. Bell really liked you and that was so important. I will definitely be looking into the book you recommended. Thanks again from Bell, Dino, myself and our gang. Many Blessings Joanne!

Nanci, Bell's mom, Tucson

Thank you for your great kindness and giving my Buddy such a peaceful passing and with such dignity. He is so missed, but we miss the way he was, not the 100 year old dog he was on his last day. Thank you for all you did for us, you are an Angel on earth. I treasure his footprint. Lastly, I thank your dear assistant for patiently waiting while you gave us time to cry and love him one last time. Now I truly believe I have an Angel. One of his tags jingled 2 days after he transitioned. He said: "Take a rest Mom", and I smiled at heaven.

Pat & Ron Jensen, Tucson

Thank you for coming and helping us with Bat Baby's passing. You made it meaningful and peaceful. It was a gift to us. Thanks for all the love and caring you show all of us, 2 & 4 legged. We also thanked Hayley. Her legacy lives on bringing comfort and peace during difficult times. Love,

Lynn & Merry Williams, Green Valley

Thank you for coming over to our house last night. This is Max's home, the only one he has ever known. I have always wondered if Max was an angel in disguise. I was a single mom for 18 years and he watched over my children and me for 15 years. We always had such a sense of peace and well being. Well whether he was an angel or not, I know that Max and all the pets of the world are here to keep us well and sane. He filled me with hope always. Thank you for honoring my friend last night. You spoke to him so kindly and I think he was waiting for you. He wasn't frightened at all. The more I think about it, I can see that he was ready and he appreciated that I was letting go. Knowing Max he would have hung in there until I figured it all out. I want to share with you again that an Angel brought him home more than once, and last night an Angel took him Home again. I don't think it was an accident that you were referred. I didn't know the name of your service until you came. I am comforted by the name Hayley's Angels, and why you came to have this service. Perhaps Hayley was waiting for Max. I'd like to think so. Once again thank you, you are a blessing! Peace,

Maria Marin, Max's mom, Tucson

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for your help with Ching. Thanks for being a human Angel, and caring for our animals like they are your own. You are a rare and compassionate individual. Don't ever change. Affectionately,

Sammie, Ching's mom, Rio Rico

I just want to thank you again for making Binky's passing so peaceful and fear-free. She was always afraid of going to the vet, and I didn't want her last moments spent in fear. I still find myself looking over to her corner, but she is not there. Still, I know she's in a better place without pain or fear. You are a wonderful person, and I'll never be able to adequately thank you. The world is a better place because of people like you. Thank you again,

Dave, Binky's dad, Tucson

It has been one week today since you came to my home and helped me say goodbye to Tess. I just wanted you to know how special that moment you gave me with Tess was. Tess has been my very best friend for the last 18 years. I'm glad she is resting in Heaven; she deserves that. I wouldn't trade our lives together for anything. Tess has blessed me more than I could ever thank her for. Thank you again. Thank you for the card and a lock of her hair. I hope you know how special you are. This may be odd to say but thank you for sharing my last moments with my angel Tess. God Bless,

Shawn Jungwirth, Tess' dad, Tucson

Thank you for coming back sooner from California to assist in Goldenstar's transition. I appreciate so much your words, whenever I feel guilt I remember what you said and the pain is eased. Thank you for your lovely card, it is very helpful for our healing. We miss her terribly. The rest of the cats did grieve for her. Her closest friend, Blanco, is grieving the most. Thank you again, and I will refer your kind and loving service to anyone in need. Love,

Rose, Goldenstar's mom, Tucson

You are truly an angel for animals. Your service and knowledge is truly a gift. I only wish all veterinarians had your insight and wisdom when we (pet-parents) have to make the hardest decision for our beloved fur-babies. I will definitely, and already have recommended your book and services to everyone I know and meet. Something, I think you should know.... Cujo was the house protector and would generally bark and sometimes nip at strangers entering our home. It was amazing to see how he got up the strength, in his last minutes, to check you and approve of your presence. He even has been aggressive towards other veterinarians (nipped a few), but not you. I really believe he felt your true reason for being in our home and welcomed you in. Cheyenne, his fur-sister and best friend for life, is usually scared to come near strangers. She normally would hide around a corner, watching from a distance and non-stop bark. I was really amazed how she came right up to you and welcomed you into our home. She behaved like you were a part of our family and was not scared at all. Through my grieving I realized just how in touch you are with animals. I really believe now. As you suggested at the time, it was our state of mind and crying that made it difficult for him to fall asleep under the sedative. He was fighting it because he was always there to lick away our tears and he was probably wanted to help us instead of himself. We miss him so much. It is amazing just how loyal dogs are...every human needs to take in all that dogs teach us, maybe the world would be a better place. And...something else that really proved your belief in having the other animal members present during the process. Cheyenne used to cry and whine whenever Cujo was not at home (usually at the vet-clinic) and would not stop until he was home again. Well, she has not cried for him at all since he passed. She occasionally sniffs and sleeps in his bed, most likely thinking of him. Thank you very very much for your strong suggestion of having her present. I do not think, now I know, that she would have ever been able to be at peace if she had not been there. Thank you for being there for all of us, and especially for coming on such short notice.

Lori & family

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