Our book "Animal Teachings from Hayley's Angels Methods"


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Dr. Joanne's goal and hope in writing her book (made of recycled paper and available as kindle) is to open everyone’s heart and mind to improve our world and better the lives of all living creatures. Her book guides us in making the best medical decisions for ourselves and for the animals on our paths, for maximum health and happiness, as well as for a peaceful transition into the next world.

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Together, we can learn to care not only for the physical body, but also for the mind and the soul. Dr. Joanne hopes this book helps anyone who works in a close relationship with people or animals, inspires medical students and veterinary students in becoming great doctors, guides the medical community and all health care professionals in bettering the care for all patients, animals and humans, as well as guides all patients in better caring for themselves.

Why do we (animals and people) get sick? What is Intuitive Medicine and how much can it help you and your pet live better, with maximum health and happiness, as well as facilitate the transition into the Afterlife, with dignity and peace? Do we all, animals and humans, go to the same place? Do animals and people reincarnate? Learn how you can prevent accidents and diseases, for you and your pets, by becoming a great student in the School of Life. Learn to make better everyday decisions as well as medical decisions for you and your pets using fair, compassionate, intuitive and loving care, for better living and dying. Learn the many benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Join us to build a better world of caring for ALL animals, humans and our planet!

Dr. Joanne wants to share with you her journey, the teachings of animals on her path, and suggest to everyone to open up to all the divine teachings that both people and animals on your path are offering you. It is time to rediscover our own power and passions, and use them to help us rise to a new level of consciousness!

French version: Released Summer 2012! Spanish version: Release pending

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BOOK REVIEWS: "Animal Teachings from Hayley's Angels Methods".

Could not put book down! I must admit I am not an avid reader. I read Animal Teachings in two days and could not put this book down. Highly recommend this book to animal lovers, people who care about other people, and all people in health care as well as health care providers. Book is written from the heart and experience. Animal Teachings has taught me many things and opened up my eyes! Looking forward to the next book! From Debbie, Spice's mom

The most inspiring book I have ever read! This book is very inspiring! It helps the reader to learn more about themselves and to understand animals in a beautiful way. I felt very good after reading this book, it helped me to realize that my dreams can come true. It increased my understanding of my dogs greatly as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to feel uplifted. From Kate Hinner, Tucson AZ

A Soul Searching Insightful Book! This book helped my husband and I to look at life from perspectives other than what we were used to. Dr. Joanne's gift is her ability to be so compassionate and in touch with not only her patients but also their parents and the life around us. Dr. Joanne's book encouraged us to think deeply about our own life and its impact on the planet. It gave me ideas on how to improve my interactions with my own patients and also the environment. A must-read for anyone who believes there is more out there. We can all become become better citizens of our planet with a little bit of this knowledge. Thank you Dr. Joanne. From Melanie Olson, DVM

Dear Joanne, thank you so much for helping us with Zoot and for the nice card. I saw your video and I have been reading your book, which is wonderful. Thank you for doing so much to make the world a better place. Shifting consciousness is very important and something I have been studying myself. However, it has been somewhat depressing and I have been feeling like the problems of this world are just too big for me to do anything about. However, my interaction with you and your book reminded me that even the little things count so I have decided to move toward vegetarianism by giving up beef and pork immediately and then eliminating chicken and seafood in time. I have also changed my dog's diet. Thank you for your personal story and your dedication. Thank you for letting your sweet soul radiate goodness out into the world. In the past 3.5 years we have lost a total of 5 pets, 2 parents and one friend and I have been starting to get very negative, but meeting you renewed my hope. Thank you so much for that, Melissa Mauzy

Dearest Joanne, thank you so very much for helping our Bridget to leave this world and enter heaven with such ease. We really struggled with trying to save her life and it was a blessing not to struggle with her trying to end it. I have read your book and if everyone felt like you do, no one would have to suffer when ready to leave this world. Thank God for people like you. It takes a thoughtful individual like you to help others in their time of greatest need. The Reece family

An excellent read and thought-provoking! A must-read for anyone who has pets and/or people they care about! After reading this book you will have a whole new perspective on caring for your animals and advocating for your family and friends when they are ill or in need of medical care. Read with an open mind and know that even if your own philosophies do not align with those of Dr. Joanne, you will come away with an improved understanding of your pets and their needs. From Pam Stabach, Veterinary Hospital Office Manager

Insight into helping your pet and yourself! Working in the veterinary field for years, I have walked out of many exam rooms, saying to myself 'I wish this "pet" could really tell me what's going on'. If you could find a way to communicate with your most beloved companion, wouldn't you want to? If your pet was ill and you needed assistance in finding what to do, and conventional medicine couldn't provide that, what would you do? Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly, DVM has brought intuitive medicine to light, and is helping pets and people because of it. Although intuitive medicine has been around forever, it has sadly become forgotten by many in our modern society. Thanks to Dr. Joanne, everyone can now learn how to awaken their dormant intuition to reach maximum health and happiness, as well as how to express their full potential during their journey on Earth. Dr. Joanne is using intuitive medicine in conjunction with conventional medicine to assist in finding the cause of a physical or emotional condition in animals. When combining the two approaches, your pet gets the best results. In this book, Dr. Joanne shares some of her communications and success stories during her journey of learning how intuitive medicine wants to use her. It's amazing to read some of these experiences and communications and to truly feel the connection. I highly recommend this book if you want insight into helping your pet and/or yourself, discovering who you and your pet truly are on a soul level, and learning to live your life while staying in tune with your life purpose at all times. From Lisa Schrope Certified and Registered Veterinary Technician

Thank goodness there was you! Joanne, I don't even know what to say that you probably haven't heard a thousand times already, so I'll just say what I'm feeling and what echoes the many letters you've received from others. I want to thank you so much for helping Maggie cross over. I can't even explain to you how happy I am that one phone call led me to you. This was difficult for us and you helped us with the process and gave us space to say goodbye and didn't make it feel rushed or uncomfortable. And as trivial as it might seem, it was special to me to see her leave looking so beautiful wrapped up in that pretty pink blanket. I told my husband if she had to leave with anyone, you were the one! Such a loving, kind spirit. What you do and who you are is a HUGE blessing in this world. I could feel that from you, but after I read your book I feel like it confirmed it. What a gift that you shared so much of yourself in your writing. It really gave me a lot to think about as well - not only in dealing with animals, but about life in general. I've been reading the peace exercise at the end of chapter 11. I'm hoping if I read it every morning it will sink in before long! Thank you so much, Christa

Healing the mind, body and soul of animals and of people Dr. Joanne Lefebvre's new book, "Animal Teachings," forever removed from my mind the false division between what, in our Western cultures, are referred to as the scientific and the spiritual domains. Not that she has not admirably distinguished herself in her difficult area of science, Veterinary Medicine; far from it. As an animal doctor, she draws on a vast compendium of solid, detailed, technical knowledge; but Dr. Joanne has more than the current science models operating when she strives to cure and care for the animals under her care: it's a deep, intuitive response to a dimension of knowing we simplistically refer to as the spiritual. Tell me another exceptional veterinarian who not only seeks deep, hidden communication with such creatures as whales, but has the professional courage to say so in a widely published book? In the end, this physician tells us what all the greatest physicians have, through time, always told us: scientific facts belong to the five physical senses and logical rationality; spiritual facts belong to another sense we call intuition and expand through a welcoming, open intelligence determined to heal the whole person, or the whole animal--not just their bodies. Joanne makes ample use of both. Listen deeply to the animals, Dr. Joanne counsels us, and you will accomplish things only formerly dreamed of. From Sammie Ann Wicks, Ph.D., Musicologist, Folklorist, Anthropologist, Americanist, and a grateful client with a grateful kitty