Dr. Joanne

Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly grew up in Canada and graduated from the University of Montreal in 2001. During her senior year of veterinary school, she completed several externships in highly reputable schools such as Cornell University, Tufts, Colorado and Ohio State Universities. She was one of the very few selected for an internship in small animal medicine, surgery and emergency at Michigan Veterinary Specialists, which she proudly completed. She published a scientific & clinical study in the British Journal of Small Animal Practice. Dr. Joanne practiced for 3 years in Connecticut before she moved to Arizona in 2005. She loves helping local animal rescue groups.

Dr. Joanne specializes in gentle & compassionate senior care, end of life care & guidance, as well as home euthanasia for all animals and their families. She promotes medicine for the mind, body and soul. Healing, sickness, emotional and behavioral issues start at the energy level. After helping her beloved dog Hayley transition into the Afterlife in 2007, in the comfort of home, she was guided to create Hayley's Angels Veterinary Services, the first home euthanasia service for pets in Southern Arizona. After more than 8 years of dedicated and loyal care to the community, she moved her very much appreciated service to her new home of Fernandina Beach, Florida in 2016.

Her passion is to help pet owners build a meaningful, balanced and thriving relationship with their pets to achieve maximum fulfillment, health and happiness. She guides families to tune in with their pets to make better medical decisions, prevent diseases and accidents, speed up healing or else allow for a peaceful passing at the end of life. She has extensive experience in accompanying pets die with dignity and guiding their families in finding peace, closure and healing. Read Dr. Joanne's book for more valuable insights.

To manifest her love and devotion to help all animals, Dr. Joanne has organized many public events over the years to raise awareness and increase compassionate care, such as workshops, lectures to the public and to veterinarians, and the fun "Caring for ALL animals, humans & our planet Celebration Day" 7 years in a row. Watch her video to be inspired! Together we continue to shape our vision for a better world!

In her free time, she is learning Spanish. She enjoys gardening, sustainable living and rescuing animals of all kinds. She moved to Florida with her husband, their 2 cats, 2 dogs, 1 bunny and 3 chickens. Everybody is very happy to be here! Since then, Majestic the horse, Wilbur the pig and 3 more bunnies have joined the family!

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