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WE CURRENTLY HAVE LIMITED AVAILABILITY FOR HOME VISITS IN THE FERNANDINA BEACH, JACKSONVILLE & SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA AREA. PLEASE LEAVE US A DETAILED MESSAGE INCLUDING YOUR LOCATION AND YOUR PET'S NEEDS AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We specialize in in-home gentle & compassionate senior & end of life care as well as home euthanasia for pets. Helping all animals (big and small of all kinds) and their families. Phone and email consultation, book, bracelet, shirt, painting and personalized memorial charm are available to all families nationwide.

In-home pet examination & consultation $85; Grief counseling $25-$85 (via phone or in-home); In-home Euthanasia Service $145-$250; Group Cremation $75-95 or Private Cremation $145-$235; Clay paw print $15; Personalized Memorial Charm $45. Prices may vary based on travel distance, size of pet, time, urn chosen and individual needs. All forms of payment accepted (cash, check & credit card). Contact us for details.

It hurts to lose a beloved pet, especially when we have to make the decision to let go. But that last act of friendship is the most loving and caring thing we can do for our best friend when our loved one is suffering and treatment is impossible. Allowing him/her to pass peacefully, with dignity, surrounded by family in the comfort of home, is the most extraordinary gift we can give him/her. Pets, like humans, may grieve deeply the loss of a companion. That grieving process can be eased greatly by allowing pets to be present to say goodbye to their friend. Assisting to the procedure brings them closure and helps recover faster. In-home euthanasia allows us to care for the whole family, 2 & 4 legged members.

QUALITY OF LIFE ASSESSMENT: Please ask yourself these questions to assess your pet's quality of life:
Is my pet in pain?
Is my pet eating and drinking normally?
Is my pet able to go to the bathroom without soiling him/herself?
Is my pet doing his/her favorite things like he/she used to?
Does my pet still have enthusiasm and interest for favorite toys/ treats and family members?
Is my pet able to go on walks, get up without assistance?
Is my pet having more bad days than good days?
Are the difficulties my pet is having too hard to watch and I feel sorry for him/her?
Is my pet trying to tell me: "I need your help, it's time, I can't do this any longer" OR "I'm ok, I'd like to stay a little longer?"

Most important is to feel "at peace" with the decision, to avoid second thoughts once it's done or feelings of guilt/regrets. Although the opinion of someone you trust may be helpful, it may also bring more confusion. Trust your heart and your inner feelings. Have a good "talk" with your pet: tell him/her what is going on (pets feel our energies), give your pet permission to let go (which may greatly help him/her pass naturally, as many pets sacrifice themselves for us and hang in there for us, in spite of their pain and suffering), ask your pet to show you a clear sign of what he/she needs (which may lead to a drastic change in your pet's behavior, helping you make a decision). Take it one day at the time.

To facilitate this difficult process, read Dr. Joanne's book "Animal Teachings, from Hayley's Angels Methods". The goal of her book is to help you and your pet during his/her transition into the Afterlife, to heal and grow, and to learn how to better care for ourselves, our planet and all our animal friends during this earthly journey together. Visit our online store for more details.

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